Boost Recommendations and Reviews with Your Email Signature (gmail)

If you’re sending dozens of emails as day, as most of us are, take advantage of this simple means of driving potential customers to your profile.

Add your unique URL ( to your signature line and encourage the people you interact with to view and add to your recommendations.

The recommendations and reviews you’ve received from your customers will speak volumes to those considering enlisting your service. So make that connection easy for them.

Scroll through these screenshots to see how I did it.

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For Gmail users, the steps are easy.

  • Go to your “Mail settings” by clicking the options wheel in the upper right hand corner
  • Make sure you’re in “General” settings and scroll down to signature box and select the option for signature
  • Add your desired text with link to profile (highlight any text and click the link symbol, then copy and past your unique profile URL in the box)
  • Click “Save Changes” and you’re done

When you compose a new email, the signature will automatically appear.

Stik to who know!

Nathan Labenz Co-Founder
Visit me at


5 thoughts on “Boost Recommendations and Reviews with Your Email Signature (gmail)

  1. Great job Nathan, I know how to put a signature in my gmail, but it would have been nice to have found this article when I was struggling and frustrated way back when, trying to figure it out on my own. I am sure this article will help others avoid what I had to go through.

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