Build your Business on Facebook in Minutes with this New Tool!

Are you wondering how to use Facebook to build your business? Tired of signing up for social media accounts, only to have them just sit there for months on end doing nothing? has now made it easy to connect with your referral network on Facebook via our new feature, your “to-do” list.   Visit your to-do list today and take a few easy steps that will help you connect with your network in a professional, authentic way.

See your to-do list!

Your to-do list will continue to refresh with simple steps to help you get the most from

At, we realize professionals are too busy working to spend their entire day sharing, commenting and updating their social media platforms.  As a result, we created a suite of tools to help you gain meaningful exposure on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in just a few minutes.

Our to-do list prioritizes the most important steps you can take TODAY to build your referral network on Facebook.

This list will constantly refresh and give you new tasks to help build your reputation and referral network. We’ll keep you posted as new tasks pop up starting with a personalized email this week, but come back often and check for yourself!


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