Give Your Favorite Professionals a Google Bump

By now you’ve heard of Google’s +1.  It’s shorthand for “this is pretty cool,” as Google says. Now users can +1 the professionals they trust most.

Visit and give all of these professionals you’ve already recommended your +1.

Give +1s to those you recommended

Click image to see full size

Just as with recommendations, this stamp of approval is telling shoppers that this is a professional they can trust. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best service provider when they search.

Links and profiles that have received a +1 from people you know will show that right in the search results on Google (see screenshot below).

See who has hit +1 right in the Google search results

Click image to see full size

With searchers relying on Google about 65 percent of the time, it’s still where you want your results showing up more than anywhere else.

While Google and Facebook battle it out for the superior social network status, let help hedge your bets and ensure your business and professionals you support are getting the most from both spaces.


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