Manage Your Reviews

The most successful professionals have collected dozens of recommendations and 20 or more reviews. As you build toward that level you should manage your reviews so that the best are showing at the top of your profile when potential customers find you on

Visit your profile (you will need to log in) and “Like” your favorite reviews. This will elevate those reviews to the first page on your profile.

You can also reply to your reviewers through commenting on what they wrote. It’s a good chance to thank the contacts who gave you valuable reviews. It’s also a simple step to show shoppers that you’re actively engaging with current and former clients. Make it short and sweet.

For example, check out real estate agent Laurie Arnold’s profile Laurie Arnold's reviews(screenshot below) where she has interacted with her contacts that have reviewed her a trusted professional.

It’s that easy and is sure to be appreciated by someone who took the time to help you build an online presence and improve your search engine ranking. They’re also likely to be more enthusiastic references when potential customers seek their opinion on your services.

First impressions will be made based on what users see when they arrive at your profile, so take the time now to manage those crucial first impressions.


One thought on “Manage Your Reviews

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