Thank Your Recommenders on

We may have developed our own language for communicating online from LOL to TTYL, but we should remember that whatever lingo we use, manners still matter.

Now you can thank your recommenders for their support, and keep your business top of mind!

Visit your profile (you will need to log in) and hover over any of your recommenders with your mouse. You’ll see a black “Thank” button popup (see the screenshot to the right). Click it and it automatically opens a private Facebook message where you can write a personal note.

Here’s an example:

Hey John, I want to thank you for taking the time to recommend me as a trusted mortgage professional on It means a lot to me that you took the time to do it. Your recommendation helps me appear in search results on Facebook, Google, and Bing. Please keep me in mind when you or people you know have mortgage-related needs. Thanks again!

It’s that easy and is sure to be appreciated by someone who took the time to help you build an online presence and improve your search engine ranking. They’re also likely to be more enthusiastic references when potential customers seek their opinion on your services.


2 thoughts on “Thank Your Recommenders on

  1. Except for the fact that when you thank people they end up with their real NAME and avatar displayed for the world to see, even if their FB profile was set to private!!!!! Thanks alot Stix!!!

    Do not do this to *thank* your friends!! It is no way to show your appreciation!!

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