Personalize Your Requests for Recommendations

It’s important to speak from the heart when asking for your friends for help. Starting today you can customize your requests for recommendations on It’s simple.

Visit your recommendations page and you will be prompted to create customized text for all future requests. We insert your friend’s individual name, provide some sample text and you write a message that your friends will recognize as uniquely yours. Your friends are more likely to respond when they believe the message came from you.

Here’s an example (see screenshot to the right):

Hi John – I really appreciate when friends are willing to vouch for me. Please visit my Stik profile where you can “Recommend” me as trusted realtor serving Oakland County. Thanks!

You can always go back and edit your customized request by visiting the  messages tab on your account page. There you can edit all of your custom requests (see screenshot below)

As always, the team is here to help. Email us at


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