Bing Takes Social Search Further, We Say Keep Going

Bing announced this morning that now any search results retrieved by logged-in Facebook users will show which links your friends have “Liked” or shared. This goes a step beyond their previous announcement with Facebook – which we discussed here previously – that brought “Likes” into some limited results.

We’re excited that social search continues to gain ground. It will mean more meaningful results for consumers and a present a real opportunity for sales professionals to leverage their social networks.

However, what remains unclear in this announcement from Bing is whether social relevance – number of your friends who have “Liked” a certain link – will affect the order of results returned. If Bing is convinced, as we at are, that search results carrying personal recommendations from people we know are better, more trustworthy results then we would encourage them to elevate those results in their search algorithm.

When we search for sushi restaurants or microbreweries, it’d be great to see the places our friends have visited and liked at the top of the results, but more importantly when we search for realtors or mortgage bankers we want to see the people our friends trust on top.


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