The ‘Likeification of a Nation’: “Like!”

Last week Michael McClure at Professional One Franchising wrote about the “Likeification of a Nation,” and on top of a clever headline he provided a prescient post. In it he wrote:

I know that “Agent Ratings” is a hot topic in real estate these days (and rightfully so), but “Facebook Liking” is more basic, more fundamental and just flat out EASIER than filling out an online form to rate someone. And if you’re into Facebook (500M and growing, hello!), the act of “Liking” becomes second nature very quickly, doesn’t it?

Yet while we can see why a lighter touch solution is sensible from the reviewer perspective, McClure elucidates the value to the consumer looking for a trusted resource:

So, if we fast forward a little bit, how many of us are going to just go look for the “most-Liked” restaurant, the “most-Liked movie, the “most-Liked” house…and the “most-Liked” Realtor?

In our minds, this is the real value of the Facebook “Like” as a rating mechanism.  Combining implicit relationships (via the Facebook social graph) with explicit recommendations (“I recommend Andrew Agent as a trusted service provider”) provides consumers all the information and social proof they’ll ever need to make a decision.

Few people care if I thought the duck confit was over-tenderized for the price point or that the couple at the table next to me was wearing sweatpants – more people want to know if I would recommend the restaurant to my friends.  Most 2,500 word reviews on Yelp! can be summed up in one click of the “Like” or “Recommend” button.

We can (will) highlight the technical upside to a Facebook “like” vs. a homegrown rating system, but will save the details for another post.  The key takeaway is that Facebook has provided consumers with a lightweight, socially connected tool for making important purchasing decisions.  It is time the professional class took advantage of this unique platform to build their reputations and grow their referral business on Facebook. is here to help.


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