Quantifying the Value of Facebook Likes

Our friends over at TechSavvyAgent offer a numerical illustration of the value of a “like:

In the top image Tech Savvy Agent received 10 Likes and 12 Comments which led to 4,892 Impressions of the status update.

In the bottom image we received 472 Likes and 44 Comments which led to 22,466 Impressions of the status update.

To any regular Facebook user, this should come as no surprise – articles, comments, pages and people that are “liked” show up more frequently in the Facebook ecosystem than “uncurated” content that has not elicited any interaction from other users.

It is worth remembering, however, that “likes/recommendations,” comments and reviews are permanent links that drive exposure over the lifetime of a page.  The ever-changing news feed is just one of many channels that rely on Facebook interactions (likes, comments etc.) to surface content to users. Facebook search, Bing and other high-traffic channels also increasingly rely on Facebook interaction data to determine the most relevant search results for social users.

Stik.com is built around aggregating Facebook recommendations (“likes”) and Facebook reviews for our professionals, increasing their exposure throughout the Facebook ecosystem, both in the news feed and as a social search result.  It is the easiest way to build a durable professional reputation online and stay top of mind in your personal network.


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