Why I’m an entrepreneur

Note:  This is Nathan’s first post on the Stik company blog.  Look for posts from Nathan every couple of days!

I’ve always had a soft spot for ideas that can change the world.  For the seriousness with which I discus anti-aging therapies, the dangers of artificial intelligence, the promise of futarchy, private currencies, and psychoactive anti-depressants, I have been called a dreamer, a contrarian, and worse.

Nevertheless, I enjoy imagining how things might be better, and I don’t understand people who accept or – gasp – defend the status quo.

While I may never understand why anti-aging research is considered creepy and futarchy is dismissed as silly, I have learned one very important lesson: Humans are quick to adapt to foreign circumstances when forced, but human institutions have evolved to last.

Entrepreneurship can be many things, but in the consumer web space (for someone interested in ideas, especially in the age of protective licensing), I define entrepreneurship as the endeavor to identify domains in which the world both needs and is capable of change, and then to build the technology and consensus necessary to bring that change about.

Hit websites and apps are a dime a dozen, but ideas that improve human affairs are rare.  I knew when I started out as an entrepreneur that I’d need to daydream about a better future to keep myself motivated over the long haul, which is why we spent 4 months developing the idea for Stik before writing a single line of code.

Happily, the vision for Stik – better deals and experiences from known and trusted contacts – remains as robust as when we started.  (More detail on the evolution of this idea soon!)  I continue to relish the challenge of creating and introducing a better way to do things, and I look forward to proving our concept in 2010.  We’re well on our way to our first 1,000 users — join us today at Stik.com.


6 thoughts on “Why I’m an entrepreneur

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  2. i might not have imagined this had been outstanding several years ago nonetheless it is crazy how time shifts the manner in which you understand unusual concepts, thank you regarding the write-up it truly is nice to see anything clever now and then instead of the routine crap mascarading as blogs and forums on the net

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