Facebook Connect Celebrates its First Anniversary

The Connect platform is a year old this week. Here is Facebook press junkie Nick O’Neill on the press release:


Some statistics:

“60 million users use Facebook Connect each month, and more than 80,000 websites have implemented the service since it first launched to all developers one year ago. It’s an impressive stat for a service which is essentially one year old.”

And a hint of reality:

“As Connect is implemented on other sites, I’m sure the user engagement metrics will continue to grow.”

Despite enormous market “penetration”, most people don’t seem to know what Facebook Connect is, let alone what it might do or how it could affect (enhance!?!?) their web engagement.  I would be curious to see where the data behind the 60MM number of “monthly users”.  60MM Facebook Connect monthly uniques sounds awfully high.  What are the top sites (beyond Huffington Post)?  Who is using the service?

For our company Stik, one of the greatest challenges we face in initial adoption is getting users to understand what it means to “Connect with Facebook” and to bring your Facebook data with you as you use our website.  It’s great to see the Connect platform is growing on the content side , but it is up to us (and similar services/applications) to make it simple, intuitive and relevant and to users.   It’s taken a whole year to seed the content side of the market (and apparently get some user traction) – how long will it take for “Connect” be the accepted standard for log in? if ever? What site, service or idea will ignite user adoption?


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